The J24 Easter Regatta has been around for 51 years. It is the staple regatta to Columbia Sailing Club here on Lake Murray in South Carolina. But it has not always been known as the J24 Easter Regatta. The very first Easter Regatta held in 1966 was for the growing E-Scow scow. From 1966-1984 it was known as the E-Scow Easter Regatta. But the final year the E-Scow's were sailing the fleet had dwindled to only 6 boats, compared to having 60-70 boats in the past. In 1985 the executive board to CSC elected to change the regatta over to the largely popular J24 Fleet. By 1987 this regatta was on the calendar of every J24 sailor on the east coast. With the regatta peeking at a 66 boats in the early 90's this event has always brought great competition, excellent food, and event better people. 

About Us

Being one of the most popular J24 regatta's since 1988, the J24 Easter Regatta brings a mix of excellent shore side events with world class sailing. The competition can vary from an amateur  crew at their first regatta, to sailing against professional skippers such as Tim Healy, Mike Ingham, and Tony Parker. 

One of the many perks of attending the J24 Easter Regatta is the sail club facilities. With a recently rebuilt club house the shore side events are better than ever. The Columbia Sailing Club offers free camping to all competitors that attend the regatta. The beautiful peninsula and gorgeous beach will provide an excellent camping experience. 

​The final thing that ties all of it together is the traditional southern hospitality you all know and love. Come relive the best regatta you've ever been to, or if it is your first time come see what the hype is all about!


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